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Switch-Mode Battery Chargers

Model: ABC31SM

For charging standby & online batteries

The new Three-Phase Automatic Battery Charger features a switch-mode design for high efficiency. The unit also features:

  • AC voltage compensation
  • DC voltage regulation
  • Full current limit
  • Filtered DC output

Three rate charging is standard. The charger will raise the voltage to the high rate setting and maintain this level for a timed interval at which point it will reduce to a safe float. Recharge of the battery is accomplished without excessive over or under charging.

The ABC-series chargers are fully current limited. If current demands exceeds the chargers rating, the output voltage drops rapidly, protecting the charger and the system to which it is connected. The chargers fuses or breakers will not trip during such overload  conditions.


Standard Features

  • Conservative component selection and design assures long life
  • LEDs for AC-ON
  • AC and DC surge protection
  • DC voltmeter & ammeter 2%
  • Precise voltage regulation
  • Fully current limited
  • AC input and DC output fuses
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Forced air cooling, fans temperature and load controlled
  • Modular construction


  • AC and DC 2-pole breakers
  • Precision metering
  • Battery temperature compensation
  • AC failure alarm relay
  • DC Failure Alarm Relay
  • Multi-Alarm Monitor includes four alarms & LEDs with common relay High DC volts, Low DC volts, Rectifier failure and Ground fault.
  • Audible alarm
  • Drip Shields
  • CE compliance and marking


    Voltage: 480V AC +/-15%
    Phase: Three
    Frequency: 50 or 60 Hertz

    Voltage: 24 to 120V DC
    Current: From 20 to 240 amps
    Regulation: +/- 1/2% from no load to full load,
    with +/- 15% AC line variation
    Output Ripple: <1%
    4X battery connected
    Efficiency: Up to 93%

    Operating Temperature
    From -4°F (-20°C) to +122oF (+50°C)

    AC input fuse or optional breaker
    DC output fuse or optional breaker
    Automatic current limiting
    AC surge suppressor
    Slow start circuitry
    Reverse battery protection

    Forced Air Cooling

    ANSI #61 light gray powder coat
    14/18 gauge steel
    Wall or floor mounting

    Standard Displays
    DC voltmeter and ammeter -2% accuracy


    All dimensions are in inches.

    Case Size  W4
    Height 36
    Width 16
    Depth 16