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American Battery Charging was founded in 1988 by two individuals with more than 40 years of experience in the battery and charger industry.  The company grew through the 90's and serves both the Industrial and Railroad Transit industries.  Our product range is wide and diverse which allows us to provide custom solutions designed for particular customers applications.  We offer our particular customers highly reliable products with extended longevity, timely deliveries and exceptional service.

Our Industrial Products provide battery chargers primarily for standby power applications.  These range from small 12V-6A chargers up through 240V-600A.  We provide these chargers as individual components or package them along with accessory items like alarms, timers and distribution circuits.  Battery enclosures and consoles may also be included.

For Railroad Transit, we provide chargers and related equipment for passenger rail cars.   These products vary widely and are extremely rugged and reliable, serving the national railroad passenger corporation and many other rail transit enties.

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